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Its Only the Beginning.. Olympic Delays and Road Closures

Blog by Morgan DuVernet & Kelsie Struch | January 20th, 2010


While working away on my computer at home, setting up a buyers tour for tomorrow morning, I was suddenly interrupted by the sounds of a parade of Police motorcycles making their way down Hornby St onto Beach Avenue.  I couldn't help but be intrigued by what was going on and left my computer to go take a closer look from my window.  Sure enough the parade continued and continued... roughly 20 men on motorcycles in fluorescent Yellow and Green vests with sirens blaring roared down the usually quiet block of Hornby St.  One of the officers jumped off his bike at the 4 Way stop at Hornby and Beach and controlled traffic while the bikes took a right onto Beach Ave. They were followed by several blacked out SUVS, Limousines, undercover Police cars and another 15 - 20 Police motorcycles.  All vehicles turned right onto Beach and the road was closed behind them for several minutes. I saw a similar scene to this a couple days ago but figured it was just a training run as there were no SUV's or Limousines accompanied by the bikes.  Today, I can only assume to be the real deal.  I do not believe this police presence and entourage of vehicles was simply a practice run or solely for training purposes.  The number of blacked out vehicles and limousines crowded with men in suits seemed to suggest that in fact someone or something of importance was taking place.  There is no doubt that this "motorcade" and all the attention and delays it resulted in was only the beginning of many intermittent street closures and delays expected over the Olympic Games.  

My suggestion, leave your car at home if you can, relax and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience of living in a Host City for the largest and most prestigious sporting event in the world. 

For more information on Planned Road Closures over the Olympic Games, the Top 10 Free Things to Do and more please visit http://www.kelsiestruch.com/2010OlympicInfo.ubr 

January 20th '10 by Kelsie Struch