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It's Patio Time!

Blog by Morgan DuVernet & Kelsie Struch | May 8th, 2020

With the Vancouver weather warming up, we think now is definitely the time to get our patios and backyards ready! Here are some helpful tips to get you going.

Start fresh, weed through your outdoor space and get rid of anything you have been holding onto that you're no longer needing. Once the area has been cleaned up, it's time to get decorating!

Think of the outdoor furniture and colours you'd like to see in your patio / backyard. As designer Hedley Mendelsohn explains, an all-white patio keeps the area cooler when the sun beats down on it in the warmer months. It also allows the gorgeous florals to pop even more.

If your patio is on the small side, set up a cozy space with a small table and hightop chairs! You can find an inexpensive tables and chairs through Wayfair!

Add a bit of patio mood lighting! String lights can help to bring a cozy feel to your outdoor space, and is perfect for post sunset hangouts.

Use plants to bring your outdoor space to life. Create a small herb garden or plant your seasonal flowers to bring some life into your space! If you're feeling up to it, we also love the idea of setting up 'floating plants' as they are like a gallery wall for the outdoors! Attach flat-backed planters to the slats using zip ties or small hooks. Include plant, flower, and herb varieties for maximum interest.

We hope this gets you off to a great start! Have a safe and fun weekend.